Sunday June 12th from 11am till 3pm

at Proud Pie Katy - 3522 S Mason Rd Katy TX 77406

Come and throw some axes and eat some

tasty smoked chicken wings to support

our beloved Ballard House!

We don't have a ton of space so we

have 4 different time slots to buy from. 

Our wing plates will have 10 pantry dropper seasoned

slow smoked chicken wings with French fries and

our signature gumbo gravy to dip in, our

tomato and cucumber salad and our

rich cheddar corn casserole.

Axe throwing starts with a quick throwing tutorial

and then see how many points you can score.

The more points the better chance of scoring

free slice cards or gift cards. When you get to

the Axe throwing trailer, you can

add in donation dollars to challenge one of

our three axe pros to win bigger gift cards!


Check your schedule and buy your tickets for wing plates

and Axe throwing tickets.


Buy your Tickets Here!

please buy tickets for the same time.



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