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Homemade Pies and Gourment Coffee in Katy, TX

Q. Are you a chain? Are there multiple locations?

A. We are a one of a kind, family owned small business with the drive to expand.


Q. Are your pies baked on site?

A. Yes, we have a small 230 square foot bakeshop inside our establishment that has the capacity to bake up to 120 hand made pies per day.


Q. Are your pies baked fresh daily?

A. Our pies are baked to be purchased or consumed by the day after baking, so we usually have pies that are 4-48 hours old in our cases. All of our pies are refrigerated after baking to keep them as fresh as possible.


Q. What is the difference between your pies/style of baking vs other bakeries?

A. Our pies are freshly baked, never frozen. We use the highest quality ingredients and bake from scratch in small batches. Our pies have no additives of preservatives. We use only real butter in our pie crust with no shortening, lard, or margerine. We use only 100% hand whipped cream in our cream pies. Our homemade pie crust is hand shaped and every edge is hand crimped with 2 crusts never looking exactly the same (just like snowflakes). If you want to know if another pie shop uses the same quality standards, please ask them. 


Q. Why are your pies so expensive?

A. The quality ingredients that we use combined with the man hours per pie means that we spend at least triple the cost to make a single pie as other automated bakeries. Our pie prices are meager compared to what our costs of production are. Basically, you are paying for higher quality.


Q. Why do you sell out of some pies?

A. We try to guess what our pie consumption will be on a day to day basis and bake accordingly. Some days, our customers focus their attention on one or two specific pies and purchase everything we have available for that day. Small batch pie baking takes time and we have to wait for the next batch to finish on the following day before the pie is available again. 


Q. What pies sell out the fastest and when are the busiest times where you sell out of pies? 

A. Our cream pies are 3 stage pies. The crust is molded and then baked by itself. The Silk Mousse or Custard is then added to the crust. Then the pie is whipped topped. Whipped cream should be super fresh, so we wait till we are sure to sell a whipped cream pie to finish the topping process. Late at night we sell out of all whipped cream varieties the quickest after the bakery staff have finished for the day. Our busiest times and days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings after 6:30PM.


Q. Do you take reservations?

A. We have only one table that is able to be reserved Monday-Thursday and that is the Pie Eating Contest table. We do not allow groups to hold meetings of over 1 hour in our establishment due to the limited seating and high demand. 


Q. Do you offer Gluten Free Pies?

A. We do not offer Gluten Free Pies. Our pie shop is too small and there is too much of a possibility for cross contamination from flour particles.


Q. Do you offer Sugar Free Pies?

A. We currently do not have any sugar free varieties that we bake. Pies in nature are full of carbohydrates and even if we were to turn a recipe "sugar free" the amount of carbohydrates in the crust alone is enough to spike anyone's blood glucose levels. For our Diabetic customers we always suggest eating the real thing but in super moderation. The real thing always tastes better. 


Q. Do you offer whole pies every day?

A. The large majority of our sales are "by the slice" but we do have whole gourmet pies available out of the case on most days. When we get down to a shortage of a certain pie, we will stop offering that pie as a whole pie and keep it available "by the slice" only. On holiday weekends when we have large numbers of whole pie sales, usually the pies for sale in the display box are "by the slice only" so please get your holiday pie orders in early!

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