Coffee Shop Katy TX

Pie Bingo Night

Every Tuesday !!!





Pie Bingo Night

  • Tuesday nights we play Pie Bingo, please call to verify. Certain nights will be cancelled.

  • Cards will be available with purchase after 5:30PM and the first game will start promptly at 7:00PM

  • Pie Bingo will consist of eight games of bingo, where each game played will be different. We will provide game info sheets to all tables.

  • The Pie Bingo games will commence at 7:00PM and go on until all eight Pie Bingo games have been called. Usually lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes including break.

  • There will be a short break at the end of the fourth Pie Bingo game.

  • When you win a game of Pie Bingo, you will get to spin the "wheel of pie' to determine the pie you will get to go home with.

  • In the case of Pie Bingo ties, the winners will draw numbers to see who the pie will be awarded to, and the remaining winners will receive $10.00 Proud Pie gift certificates.

  • In order to obtain Pie Bingo cards, you must purchase at least $8.00 in items from Proud Pie starting at 5:30PM on that Tuesday. 

  • An $8.00 purchase will allow you to receive 1 re-usable hard print bingo card that you can use for all 8 games. 

  • Customers can purchase more than $8.00 and receive more cards in intervals of 1 cards per 8 dollar purchase. 

  • Customers are not limited to the number of cards used

  • We have a small pie shop and space is limited, in the case that we exceed our table occupancy, we reserve the right to stop giving out bingo cards to new players and limit occupancy in the name of fire safety. We wish we had more space!!!

  • Large groups are hard to do on bingo nights as the seating is limited. Please limit large group size to 12 and under.

  • We will not be able to push tables together to accommodate large groups in order to maximize the seating space.