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Proud Pie Charitable Donation Request Page

Proud Pie is a family owned small business. We enjoy giving back to the community in many ways. We have two yearly fundraising events. The first is in August and it is to benefit the Parks Youth Ranch for troubled teens. The second is a partnership with Texas Childrens Hospital and that fundraiser may have different dates throughout the year. We also give away about 80 baked pies a month during our Pie Bingo Nights and the Amazing Pie race. 

As a small business, unfortunately we are not able to donate to every cause. We try and pick the causes that will do the most good in our community. There are over 60 schools in Katy ISD and so as a small business, it is extremely hard to donate to School fundraisers and special events but we try to help when possible.

Please fill out the questionaire and submit it to us and

we will contact you if we can help.

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